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Brand Assets

These are general guidelines to follow closely when using Padyak brand assets. Only use the logos and screen shots found on our Padyak Brand Asset website,


• Follow guidelines found in this guide and on the Padyak Brand Asset and agree to act in accordance with Padyak’s Terms and Community Standards.

• Leave enough space around Padyak brand assets for them to be clear and uncluttered and use assets at a legible size.

• Only use the “Padyak” Logo to promote your presence on Social Media and print materials.

• To ensure accurate and consistent use, never alter, rotate, embellish or attempt to recreate Padyak brand assets.

• The downloads available on the Brand Resource Center are the only approved assets to represent the Padyak brand.


• Don’t modify the design or color of our assets by stylizing, warping, or modifying their color or shape. If you are unable to use the correct color due to technical limitations, you may revert to black and white.

• Don’t use any icons or images to represent Padyak other than what is found on the Brand Asset Resource.

• Don’t misrepresent the Padyak brand and avoid representing the Padyak brand in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement; makes the Padyak brand the most distinctive or prominent feature; or put the brand in anegative context as part of a script or storyline.

By clicking the link above you agree to follow and abide all Do’s and Don’ts of Padyak Brand Usage. The files attached herewith are sole property of Padyak and RML Courier Express.

Padyak dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property. In addition to seeking registration of its trademarks and logos around the world, Padyak enforces its rights against people who misuse its trademarks.