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Bike Messenger

RML’s Padyak has been created to cater to the daily logistic needs of individual and corporate clients in Metro Manila and the provinces as well. RML Padyak’s vision is to make sure there is one biker messenger at least, in each Baranggay in the entire country. “Padyak”, sure, our trademark is a bicycle messenger to promote physical activity of a person for better health purposes, and to achieve clean and green environment in the future. Support Padyak bikers, they deliver to share!

Motorcycle Messenger

They are our business partners. They deliver faster and achieve greater heights in speed and punctuality. Because they are faster than bike riders, hundreds of mails and parcels with proof of delivery receipts can be accommodated by each of them via next-day delivery or depending upon the volume.

Air Freight

We are partnered with most local and international air lines. We do not consolidate shipments for our air freights. 

For International service, we are proud to say that we have the most competitive rates in the market with the same speed as our competitors’ and even faster in selected countries! 

Sea Freight

We pick-up and deliver, door-to-door or door-to-port for our sea freight service. We are also partnered with top shipping lines both local and international. We do consolidate for International sea freight service and we give quotation on per transaction basis for door-to-door shipments. We cover sea freight to almost all destinations worldwide!

Metro Manila Rates

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